Our puppies are placed with families based on the correct fit for the lifestyle that they will be residing with. We do not place puppies based on a coat or eye colour. We do take into consideration gender preference, although there are no guarantees. We do take the time to get to know every new Oenomel family and look forward to being a part of your family for the lifetime of your puppy.

The Australian Shepherd and Miniature Dachshund communities are small ones and more often than not we do know if you have reached out to another breeder. While waiting can be difficult for your new puppy please let us know if you are no longer interested in being on our waitlist.

While we appreciate that you are eager to know which puppy will be yours, we do not know until about 7 to 8 weeks who will be a fit for you. There are evaluations that are done regarding structure and temperament that cannot be completed at younger ages. 

All parents are CKC, ASCA (aussies) and some are AKC registered with DNA parentage and health testing completed. 

All puppies go home with first vaccines, CERF eye exams, food, microchipped, Canadian Kennel Club Registered (CKC), ASCA eligable, AKC registered for some litters, toy, treat, and a dog bed. 

At Oenomel we are a community and attempt to meet as a group whenever possible, stay in touch online, and have lifetime breeder support. We are available through email, text, and social media, however, we do not always have the ability to respond the same day. 

Companion puppies are $2000 and show puppies are $2500



Aussie Email: tonia.bogart@gmail.com

Phone: 403-458-3436

Dachshund Email: Cayleylabash@gmail.com

Phone: 403-977-1017